Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc.

Shipping & Returns

Is There A Return Policy?

Yes. All returns or complaints must be submitted within 60 days of the date of the order.

How Soon Will My Order Ship?

Orders will be shipped within 12 days of your order from the e-store.

How Are Charges Calculated?

The shipping calculation on your order is an estimate only. An additional 5% will be held until your order is actually shipped. At that time, your PayPal account or your credit card account will be charged.

The default shipping method is usually USPS Media Mail, which can take from four to six weeks for delivery from the date of the invoice. If faster delivery is needed, please choose a faster method during checkout.

How are postal addresses recorded?

If you have an address with an apartment number, a suite number, building number, floor number, department code, and so on, everything needs to fit on LINE 1

For example, these are correct:

    Chris James
    1339 Shroud St., MS-345
    Boulder, CO 84663

    Alan Johannes
    163 Beecham St., Apt 6
    Hialeah, FL 36271

    Lisa Thomas
    64 Right Rd., Basement
    Wisteria, MN 75549

The following shows a two-line delivery address. It would need to be changed to the corresponding example above:

    Chris James
    1339 Shroud St.
    MS-345 <---(this needs to go on line 1)
    Boulder, CO 84663

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